Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here is the one class in their new school uniforms.
All the children immediately changed into their new school uniforms.
Here I am handing out more school uniforms for the children of this village.
When the uniforms arrived I revisited the village to personally hand out the uniforms to the children.
I recently visited a school in a village deep in Cambodia. After a discussion with their teacher I found out that the children would like school uniforms when I asked what they would want most. I then arranged to have 60 uniforms for 2 classes to be made and delivered to the school.
About a mouth ago I took my Cambodian friends to a water park in the city of Phnom Penh. The park had decent water slides and a wave pool as you see here. This group of 10 had not been to a water park before. The expressions they made coming down the slides and the laughter I heard were incredible.
On the way to the ocean my group of 14 people and I stopped off at this waterfall and had lunch. The kids and I swam in the lower section of the falls.
Here is a group of people that I took to a Cambodian beach. I took about 14 people with over half being children to an ocean resort. All but one person had never been to the beach and ocean. I rented a speed boat that pulled a large inflatable boat. 10 of us hopped on this boat and we splashed and bounced through the waves.