Thursday, March 19, 2009

Larry, a friend who came to visit Cambodia, performed a dive off a 3 floor boat when we visited the Cambodian ocean. I caught this dive with my Canon camera set on high speed action. I placed the 8 images in Adobe photoshop to give the effect that you see.
I was impressed with his focus and determination to complete his typing. The children I have met in Cambodia seem to have a great desire to learn.
Recently I have been working in a center for disadvantaged and abandoned children. I assist with their medical care. The children live at the center and are provided food, clothing and school including English and computer. Here is You Phal (You Pal) practicing his typing skills. He has a short story from NY City in English and types the entire thing out.
The trees in the Anchor Wat area in Cambodia are tremendous. This tree is one of those featured in the Jurassic Park movie. These trees are also found in Hawaii.
For decades trees have grown on the temples and their walls in the famous area of Anchor Wat, some of the largest and oldest temples in the world.
Sunset near the famous Anchor Wat temples.
Sunset on the white sandy beaches along the Cambodian coastline.
Here my nephew Donnie, who came to Cambodia for a visit, is enjoying a fried spider. The little critter is oily and has a distinct taste. Cambodian people enjoy eating these spiders. I have yet to eat one.