Thursday, March 19, 2009

Larry, a friend who came to visit Cambodia, performed a dive off a 3 floor boat when we visited the Cambodian ocean. I caught this dive with my Canon camera set on high speed action. I placed the 8 images in Adobe photoshop to give the effect that you see.


  1. Thank you Jimmy for everthing! I had a awesome time in Cambodia. Hope all is well. Keep in touch. Larry

  2. Larry, Nancy, and Terry says: David come home!

  3. Hi Jim,
    Sorry to bother you on the blog. If you talk to David, could you please tell him to contact me? It is URGENT
    Thank you Terri

  4. Dr. D,
    We would like more posts! We are all waiting with bated breath to keep up with the latest with you. What is going on?