Saturday, January 3, 2009

I am here finally in Cambodia

Hi everyone:
I made it to Cambodia after a seemingly endless 2 days of flying. I arrived @ 09:30 AM on Jan 3, 2009 and the temperature was about 70 with a cool breeze. Despite little sleep I unpacked and hit the streets. I walked about 10 blocks to a large central market and soaked in all the sites. The chef at the apartment complex that I am staying at made me and 4 other volunteers a Cambodian lunch and dinner. The meals were full of veggies and small slices of meat. Tomorrow I will be on the hunt for chocolate. I will try to post a few pictures tomorrow. Take care. Dr D.


  1. Dr D! I hope you remembered to bring some cameras...! I'll be keeping track of your exploits.



  2. Making sure this goes through!

  3. I can hardly wait for the pictures... I will be watching eveything and following


  4. Hi Dr. "D" -
    Glad you arrived safely.
    So.... you enjoyed the meal the chef cooked for you and your fellow volunteers? Vegetables and WHAT kind of meat?????

  5. Hi Jim,
    I found a couple real good restaurants where the meals are like $2.00. One dish is snake head soup. And they make desserts out of blue pumpkin. I'll get the addresses to you asap. I'm thinking I should be there the beginning of Feb. Glad to hear you are doing well. Take care. David

  6. Morning Jimmy, I hope all is going well and you are getting accuainted with the culture there. I am glad you are dong something useful and shareing your self the way you are,you are remarkable and I am proud of you and proud to be a part of following you.
    Love LuLu

  7. Hey Jim, I envy you. I always wanted to voulteer in another Country. Autumn and I will be following you. Autumn will discuss your adventures in her curent event. Love Patsy and Autumn

  8. Hi Jimmy, I am thinking about you and wondering how you are doing.....You must be really busy and learning alot as I am sure they are learning alot from you. Take care of yourself and keep us updated.
    Love, LuLu